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Carlton respects launch digital learning platform

Breann Moody and Jess Dal Pos joined students from Kingsbury Primary School to assist with the launch of the Carlton Respects: Road to Respect digital learning platform.

Blues unveil first-ever Carlton Respects Guernsey

Watch the moment the students at Carlton Gardens Primary School were joined by two special guests to see the inaugural Carlton Respects guernsey.

Walk a mile | Episode one

In the first episode, Simone, Megan, Daniel and Luke talk about what their life was like before coming face-to-face with gender inequity and what the knew of the topic prior to being victims of it.

Walk a mile | Episode TWO

Simone, Daniel, Luke and Megan all relive the traumatic events which has united them in their advocacy for gender-based violence and inequity. Content warning – domestic violence.

Walk a mile | Episode Three

In the final episode of the series, our guests reflect on their lives since the incident, how they’ve healed and how they’re looking to positively impact society.