Ed Curnow will take part in the Ride for Respect after his retirement.

THE SECOND annual Ride for Respect event is a week away, taking place on Friday 1 December at the RACV Healesville Country Club and Resort. 

In a twist for 2023, there will be two teams competing, both led by former Carlton AFL players.

Matthew Kreuzer and Ed Curnow will captain two teams, with each individual rider able to choose a 30km, 55km or 70km course. 

Proceeds from the Ride for Respect will support the Carlton Respects initiatives in its mission to educate the community about respectful relationships and reduce the incidence of family violence.

Having seen the evolution of the program since its inception in 2016, Curnow has been a staunch advocate of the initiative, always willing to participate in events and awareness-raising campaigns. 

Whilst he was the first to put his hand up for the Ride to Respect, Curnow – speaking to the team at SEN Breakfast – is becoming increasingly doubtful about his bike-riding abilities as the day draws closer. 

“I haven’t ridden a bike in a long time, so I’m worried about taking on big ‘Kreuz’, he’s a gun rider,” Curnow said. 

“I’ve got a mountain bike that I’ve just dusted off the cobwebs and I’m going to take it down to the local bike shop to get fixed up.”

Curnow couldn’t understate the importance of the Carlton Respects program – the cause that the ride will raise money for. 

“Carlton Respects is a great program – It promotes gender equality in the home and with relationships with the aim of preventing violence against women,” Curnow said.  

“It’s a really serious cause and something that the Club has been outstanding at promoting. 

“They go out to schools and talk about healthy relationships and role modelling for young kids – I think it’s a really great cause.” 

Click here to sign up for the Ride to Respect or find out more.

If you can’t make it to the ride, you can put your money behind which team you think will win. All money will go towards Carlton Respects. 

Team Kreuzer
Team Ed